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When you need property surveys to determine a clear boundary, you will want professionals you can trust, and when it comes to boundary surveys, you can trust the professionals at Landmark Surveying Co., Inc. to get the job right.

• ALTA/ACSM land surveys

• Land title surveys

• Boundary surveys

• Surveyor location report

• Mortgage surveys

Experienced professionals who can get the job done right the first time!

Getting a professionally done survey is critical to protecting your property and your interests. You want to make sure you have a licensed surveyor who can do the job, do it right the first time, and help you in any future court appearances to protect your property.

We are licensed in 7 Midwest states, including: Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

You can come to us for:

Don't lose a land dispute

When you're ready to get some surveying help it's time to call our professionals and enjoy your FREE estimate.

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