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When you need specialists who can help walk you through your FEMA Elevation Certifications, it's time to call the experts at Landmark Surveying Co Inc to come on in and get the job done. These certifications and the process for obtaining them is not always easy to read and understand, but we will help guide you through every step of the way.

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• FEMA elevation certifications

• Homeowner service

• Regulates elevation of new homes

• Ensures housing meets flood plain requirements

• LOMA- letter of map amendment

Elevating important buildings and points in a flood plain is never easy, and you also need to make sure that all housing meets the newest flood plain requirements.


Let our best surveyors help you!

What we can help you with

Handling building codes

Contact us for your FREE consultation today. No matter what you need with FEMA documentation and implementation of flood plain plans, we can help you plan out how to get there.

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Experienced professionals who can handle FEMA certifications!

We are licensed in 7 Midwest states, including: Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.